Elizabeth G. Cooke, LMBT
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
NC # 12227
(336) 505-TKMT (8568)


The ultimate in healing and relaxation, our Signature massage is a full-body blend of soothing Swedish massage, positional release techniques, and neuromuscular massage therapy.

  • 30 minutes$35.00
  • 60 minutes$60.00
  • 90 minutes$85.00
  • 120 minutes$105.00

Treat yourself to a back and foot scrub with To Kalon's Signature Sugar Scrub before your full-body massage, topping the massage off with a warm towel cleansing and moisturizing. This package makes an amazing gift for someone you know who could use some extra pampering!

  • 120 minutes (approximately)$100.00

Soothe aching or tired feet using Swedish and reflexology massage techniques with this foot treatment.

  • 30 minutes$20.00
  • 60 minutes$40.00

Begin your holiday foot treatment with a sugar scrub, scented with an essential oil of your choice. Then, enjoy a gentle, cleansing towel wrap to soften skin and remove dead skin cells. To finish, relax with our signature foot treatment, using reflexology massage techniques.

  • 45 minutes$25.00
  • 75 minutes$45.00